Class Types

  • 6 Week Series: These classes are designed to be taken sequentially and must be signed up for in advance of the first class.  Students are expected to attend all or most of the classes as the material builds week by week. 

  • Drop in Classes: These classes can be taken at any time for certain classes, but it is always recommended to sign up for them in advance to make sure there's room!  

Next Six week Series starts:
Silks 1  ....  8/5 Saturday
Trapeze 1  ....  8/8 Tuesday
Trapeze 2  ....  8/8 Tuesday
pole dance  ....  8/17 Tuesday
Lyra 1  ....  8/16 Wednesday

Hand balancing- Weekly drop Ins starting 8/15 Tuesday

August 20th, 2017

Ashley's Contemporary Dance Workshop will cater to dancers and circus artists of all levels to help strengthen your pre-existing talent by exploring musicality, technique, physics, and emotional intention through choreography as well as partnering work and improvisational exercises. A deep emphasis will not only be placed on what elements fulfill your own desire to perform, but what keeps your audience intrigued and entertained as well.