Flow Arts

Flow Arts are a dance form involving a prop such as a hoop, rope and dart, poi, or baton. Our instructors are also trained in working with props that are on fire, although we always begin students with un-lit props. It's also fun to play with LED props that glow and light up! Our classes may include instruction on the use of one or more of the following props.

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Donation-based Hoop Jam every Sunday 7-9:30pm. All levels are welcome! We have some hoops you may borrow, or bring your own. 

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Hooping (Coming Soon!)

We are all familiar with hula hoops. In dance hooping, the hoop is used not just around the waist, but in the hands, around the arms, legs, and neck as well. Our classes will teach you the hand-eye coordination and muscle memory you need to snatch the hoop out of the air with grace and ease.


Rope & dart and poi

(Coming Soon!)

The dart is a weighted object tied to the end of a long rope. The dancer holds parts of the rope in their hands while the weight winds and wraps around their body. Poi are two weights, one for each hand, each at the end of a shorter rope or chain. They wind around each other and the body of the dancer as they move. 

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Baton and Staff

(Coming Soon!)

The simple baton lends itself to many creative movements both on and off of the dancer's body. A staff is essentially a large baton (usually the height of the dancer), often weighted on the ends. It can be rolled down the length of the dancer's body, tossed into the air and caught, and more. 

You do not need to bring your own props. Wear comfortable clothing that you can move around in.