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Planning Your Event

Bring The Circus To Your Event


Planning Your Event

Bring The Circus To Your Event

We can provide live entertainment or interactive team building workshops at your location or ours. This is an amazing way to bring impressive flair to birthdays, bachelorettes, company parties, fundraisers, and more. Submit your information and we will provide you with a quote!

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When Do You Need Us?
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The Bird's Nest Performers at Events in Buffalo

Canalside Boardwalk Bazaar, Summer 2017

Music is Art Festival 2017

We performed on the main stage with our aerialist friends from Canopy Arts!

GoBike Buffalo SkyRide, May 2017

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


Indeterminacy Festival presents: EMERGENCE

May 18 & 19 at 8:30-10:00 pm at Silo City

The Bird's Nest Aerialists perform at Emergence!

The Indeterminacy Festival, now in its second year, explores the concept of "Emergence" in which an unlikely confluence of things are brought together in the formation of something new. String is used as the primary medium with which to enact the felt-experience of threading, stretching, connecting, and binding new ideas into an interconnected whole. The festival is working across mediums; dancers, textile artists, engineers, poets, physicists, and geologists are collaborating in an effort to find new ways of "weaving" together our relationships between the disciplines.

Aerial Choreography by Nina Vega-Westhoff

Performances by Larris Acker, Toni Haugen, Maura Kutnyak, Andrew Kutnyak, Jolene Lemke, and Nina Vega-Westhoff.

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The Bird's Nest Presents: Emerging Artists

Student Showcase

June 2, 2018 at The Bird's Nest

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Doors open 7pm, show begins 7:30pm

$5-$10 sliding scale donation

Friends and family, please join us to congratulate our students on the amazing work they have done in our circus classes! The event will show case the skills students have learned in weekly classes and will be a semi-regular occurrence.