Pole Dance

Pole Dance is an acrobatic dance form defined by the dancer's movements with a typically vertical pole. In our classes, students will become strong and flexible as they learn to move with their inflexible partner. Students will learn how to safely move on, off, and around the pole. We will work with both static and spinning poles as we explore movement styles inspired by fitness, ballet, gymnastics, and exotic dance. 



By learning how to properly warm up and mobilize the body, you can safely increase your range of flexibility in a way that feels good for your body and looks beautiful.



There are many styles of pole dance and we seek to honor all of them as we help students find the type of movement that makes them feel confident, strong, and graceful. 



Pole dance is a practice of whole body conditioning and strength building. Students will learn how to properly engage muscles in the hands, arms, legs, feet, and torso in order to spin, climb, and dance around the pole with ease.

Students are required to wear proper attire for the purpose of preventing unnecessary burns, bruises, slips, falls and other injuries. It is essential that skin be exposed in order to maintain proper grip on the pole.

  • DO WEAR:  Tight fitting clothing that allows exposure of skin on the legs and arms (yoga attire, leotards, spandex shorts, spankies, tank tops, t-shirts, sports bras, etc.)

  • Shoes are not required but may be worn in some cases. Speak to the instructor if you have questions. 

  • DO NOT WEAR: long sleeved shirts, tights, or leggings, sneakers, jewelry, hats, or anything with a metal zipper or metal details that can scratch or damage the pole or your body.

Do not use any oils, lotions or moisturizers at least 3 hours prior to class.

Pole Jam every Saturday 12:45pm for approved students.