Snow Ballette:

A Winter Workshop

With Angelina Angelina Matteliano

Class Specifics

Part One

1 st Hour - Barre Basics and Body Conditioning

~The first hour will focus on body conditioning floor exercises and stretching that isolate the muscles needed for classical ballet technique; paired with the Ballet barre basics as well as introductory positions and vocabulary.

2 nd Hour – Ballet Technique Level 1 (Beginner)

~ During this portion of the workshop, students will start to learn beginner level steps and vocabulary in a traditional ballet technique class format. Starting at the Barre and moving center for turns and jumps as class progresses.

Part Two

Last Hour and a Half – Learned Choreography

~ In this last hour, we’ll be learning a Contemporary Ballet group piece that I’ve choreographed for this workshop. Here, students will get practice with mentally picking up steps and explore how the class work gets translated into flowing choreography. They will have to work together as a group and in pairs for some of it, giving the added benefit of encouraging teamwork. There will also be some loosely structured Ballet pantomime involved, which gives students a chance to work on their improvisational/acting/storytelling skills. I want the song used to be a surprise! So I’m sorry, but I’m not telling you what it is! :b


No Prerequisites for this Class!

Class Attire

Full ballet attire (tights and a leotard) is encouraged, but not required. Just wear stretchy formfitting clothes (leggings or fitted shorts and a tank top or fitted t-shirt works just fine) so both student and teacher can clearly see what position your body is in for correcting purposes. Bring ballet slippers if you have them, but if not then socks or grippy socks will suffice! If you would like to wear dance shorts, leg warmers, or a ballet skirt, be my guest! I recommend a bun, twist, or tight hair clip for those with long hair, so it won’t be in your way, but as long as it is secure and off your face and neck, you’re good to go!

Piercings are not an issue. Just be sure everything is secure and to refrain from wearing any heavy or dangling jewelry for safety reasons please.