About Our Circus Arts


About Our Circus Arts

Welcome to The Bird's Nest Circus Arts

The Bird’s Nest is a community space dedicated to creative play, movement, and connection. Located in the heart of the growing Larkinville District of Buffalo, this facility is the first in our region to offer classes in Circus Arts that are accessible for everyone regardless of body type, age, income, or ability. From acrobatics, aerial arts, hooping, tumbling, strength training, and dance, The Bird’s Nest aims to create a safe space that promotes health through non-conventional ways of moving and collaboration.

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AcroYoga, Standing Acrobatics, Acro Dance

Aerial Arts

Silks, Lyra, Trapeze Aerial Fitness and Dance

Handstand Conditioning

Strength, Balance, and Alignment

Pole Dance

Strength, Beauty, and Artistry

Flow Arts

Hooping, Juggling, Poi, Object Manipulation

Yoga & Meditation

Hatha Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Mindfulness


Class Schedule

Our Class Schedule

Class Schedule

Our Class Schedule

Class Types

  • 6 Week Series: These classes are designed to be taken sequentially and must be signed up for in advance of the first class.  Students are expected to attend all or most of the classes as the material builds week by week. 

  • Drop in Classes: These classes can be taken at any time for certain classes, but it is always recommended to sign up for them in advance to make sure there's room!  

Special Workshops



Saturday October 21st, 2017


-This workshop will cover on & off body coinflips!

*This workshop is considered an intermediate level workshop, although anyone from a complete beginner to an experienced hooper can be sure to pick up new moves, concepts, and transitions to add to their flow!

*Basic foundation moves for this workshop will include basic wedgies, escalators, and chest rolls.

*The first 90 minutes will focus on on body coinflips. We will start with basic arm spins, and work our way towards elbow, leg, neck, and shoulder coinflips. Some coinflip rolls will be included in this portion of the workshop. We will also go over flashy combinations, tricks, and transitions to spice up your flow!

*The second 90 minutes will focus on off body coinflips. We will start with floor work then work our way up to more advanced tricks that involve coinflip tosses and palm/hand spins into wedgie and escalator moves. These moves will build from what we learned in the on body coinflip section of the workshop.

-This workshop caps out at 18 attendees!


Swing Dance Air Steps Returns!

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 8.09.41 PM.png

Saturday october 21, 2017


Air steps, aka aerials, are a characteristic dimension of Lindy Hop. These high flying throws, lifts, and flips were first seen at weekly dance contests at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem by teenage dancers trying to out do each other, like Frankie Manning and Norma Miller throwing a back-to-back flip in order to one-up 6-foot-tall Big Bea who would carry her partner Shorty George off the dance floor, legs in the air! Later, aerials hit the nation via a touring African American performance troupe, Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers. They danced one of the most well known, heart-pumping, showy sequences in the 1941 movie Helzapoppin’, which featured throws like “the Pancake,” “the Lindy Flip,” and “the Bocker.” Today, aerials add dynamic elements to Lindy Hop choreographies, and take a combination of athleticism, timing, and finesse for couples to master and perform.

What to Expect in Classes with Doriel & Rebecca

Whether flips, lifts, tosses, or dips, Doriel & Rebecca will coach partners and spotters step by step through down preps, up preps, to going all the way. No dance experience is necessary, though Doriel & Rebecca will show transitions into and out of each aerial from typical Lindy Hop steps.

$30 Pre-Register
$35 At The Door

Christine Van Loo's Duo Trapeze and Duo Silks

October 29, 2017


Christine Van Loo has devoted her life to merging art with athleticism, first as an acro-gymnast and later as an aerialist.

Christine went from competition to becoming one of the most successful and accomplished aerialists in the world. She has performed in nearly thirty countries. She opened solo for Paul McCartney before 100,000 people at a time on his European tour, performed at the 2002 Olympics, two Grammy Awards (w/ No Doubt and with Ricky Martin), the American Music Awards (w/ Aerosmith), the Miss Universe Pageant, as well as several feature films, television shows and music videos. For Cirque du Soleil’s press launch of Zumanity she performed her aerial act 80 feet off a nine story building from a hot air balloon. She also performed off a hot air balloon with Sarah Mc Lachlan and Josh Groban singing live. She has performed everywhere from the Sydney Opera House to Madison Square Garden to the Kennedy Center. Currently she is on tour with Cirque de la Symphony.

$45 pre-registered

$55 At the Door

Pre-requistes for duos silks - students should have an intermediate level of ability - ability to climb and invert from a free grip easily, ability to get into cross back straddle backs. 

Pre-requistes for duo trapeze - ability to invert from gripping the bar and knee hang, comfortability on the bar without needing to do too many tricks.


Foundational Shapes Across Disciplines

foud shapes.jpg

November 11, 2017 3pm-5pm

In this workshop we’ll learn and explore how a few of the foundational moves of aerial and acro practices relate, noticing how similar shapes may share points of contact across disciplines, yet ask for different reactions of contraction and release in the body. We’ll pay attention to communication between partners---human and non-human---and learn from cross-training and breath. Finally, we’ll use these shapes to craft a story or a picture landscape and students will have an opportunity to take photos of their creations.
Sling, trapeze, lyra, floor, and partnerwork


Open to all levels.

Hand to Hand Workshop


Healthy wrists and shoulders
Ability to support weight on the wrists
Willingness to spot and be spotted

20 sec high plank
10 sec handstand against the wall (It's ok if you need help kicking up. It's more important that you have the strength to support yourself with straight arms for this period of time.)

Partner acro moves:

6 months consistent acro practice
2 presses in star
5 sec titi on hands (with spotter or without)  Reverse Star (recommended but not required)

Please speak to an instructor if you are unsure about any of these pre-requisites!

Sunday November 19, 2017



Hand to've seen it done in impressive photos and thought "Someday, that will be me..." We're here to tell you that someday can come a lot sooner than you think! Join us for this 2 hour workshop where we will train our bodies to be able to build Hand to Hands safely. We will explore several ways to enter this partner acro pose (both front-facing and reverse), and work on the handstand conditioning necessary to help you develop correct form. 

This is a multi-level class, but Hand to Hand is not considered a beginner pose. Expect this class to be reasonably strenuous. Please read the pre-requisites and ask an instructor if you have any questions. 

You do not need to come with a partner.